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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rye Sour cream Chia Bread

The chia seed and delayed fermentation experiments continue.
This was a two loaf attempt, as one of the loaves was the April bread for my father-in-law.

For two loaves
560 g whole wheat flour
200 g rye flour
100 g bread flour
2 tsp salt (12 g)
scant 1½ Tbsp instant yeast (4 g)
scant ½ Tbsp caraway seeds (because that's all I had)

1½ cup warm water (microwaved for 45 seconds)
½ cup sour cream (53 g)
2 Tbsp molasses (33 g)
½ Tbsp chia seeds

½ cup water added during mixing and kneading

The process was similar to the previous bread, except I mixed in all the ingredients at the same time.

Day 1


9:23 pm: Dry ingredients and wet ingredients ready for mixing

9:31 pm: Ingredients kneaded in. Ready for 10 minute rest

9:48: Rested and then kneaded well for 8-10 minutes

9:49 pm: Ready for first rise

10:50 pm: Risen after an hour or so, then placed in the refrigerator

Day 2

3:02 pm: Out of the refrigerator

6:46 pm: Split into two loaves

6:58 pm: Rested and then shaped. Ready for proofing

7:57 pm: Proofed, slashed and ready for the oven


Crust and crumb

Date: March 30-31, 2012
Recipe: My own recipe
Flours: Whole wheat flour, bread flour, rye flour
Bread specific ingredients: Chia seeds, sour cream, caraway seeds
Sweetener used: Molasses
Liquid: Water

Comments: The first rise was not complete when the dough was refrigerated. I need to read up more or figure out when the best time to refrigerate the dough is. On day 2, after the dough came close to room temperature, I directly shaped and proofed it. No rise is needed on the second day as the overnight fermentation is the second rise.
There wasn't much oven spring, but I liked how the boule stayed rounded rather than flattening as usually happens with my boules. I see the usefulness of a bannetone, although I wonder how a well hydrated loaf proofed in a bannetone wouldn't flatten during baking.
The bread tasted good, keep moist (thanks chia seeds) and overall was considered a success.


  1. Lovely loaves. Looks to me that there _was_ oven spring, but it was well controlled, with your nice scoring.

    Thanks to you, I'll be investigating chia seeds too.

    Your boule did hold its shape nicely. Any idea on what the hydration of this loaf actually was? How would you measure it, with the molasses and sour cream adding to the moisture?

    1. Thank you Cellarguy. Yes, there was _some_ oven spring, but it's fun there's a whole lot of it :).
      I'd love to read about your experience with chia seeds. I am liking the softness they are bringing to the bread.(I add them to many other things besides bread these days.)
      Hydration? You are the expert when it comes to computing hydration. Because I don't use starters, I never worry about the percentage numbers.