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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Multigrain Struan 04

A Peter Reinhart classic after six months. The soaker in this multigrain dough is made up of a combination of grains. The 56.5 g of whole wheat flour and 4 g of salt are required, the remaining 340 g of soaker is a blend of 170 g of cooked and uncooked grains and 170 g of liquid. I usually add grains and liquid in turn such that a consistency between porridge and stiff dough is maintained and the soaker weights 400.5 g.

The soaker this time was primarily made up of cooked quinoa and buckwheat flour. This was the final composition of the soaker.
56.5 g : Whole wheat flour
4 g salt

100 g: Quinoa, cooked
20 g: Buckwheat flour
50 g: Oats, ground
40 g: Bread flour
20 g: Amaranth
10 g: Flax seeds, ground
115 g: Milk

Biga on the left, soaker on the right and other ingredients

PR's epoxy method for final dough

11:22 am: Ready for first rise

1:03 pm: First rise is done

1:04 pm: Shaped and ready for proofing
(sesame seeds added after picture was taken)

2:03 pm: Proofed, slashed and ready for the oven

2:09 pm: Into the preheated cast iron combo cooker

Baked with some oven spring


Crumb that is tight at the bottom

The bread
The bread tasted okay, nothing exceptional. It sliced well and held together. The dark shades of buckwheat were visible throughout but the quinoa and amaranth were lost. The sesame seeds made for a pretty topping.

Date: December 17, 2011
Recipe: Multigrain Struan from Peter Reinhart's Whole Grain Breads

Flours: Whole wheat flour, buckwheat flour, bread flour
Bread specific ingredients: Quinoa (cooked), rolled oats, flaxseeds, amaranth
Sweetener used: Agave nectar
Liquid: Milk

Comments: Buckwheat is a complicated grain to include in breads (and pancakes). It has a strong flavor and can easily overpower the taste.


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