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Monday, December 26, 2011

Garbanzo Sour Cream Bread

My own recipe, meant to use up available ingredients. Nothing out of the common but results were impressive.

For two loaves
227 g  / 8 oz cooked garbanzo beans (blended with ¼ C water)

600 g whole wheat flour
100 g bread flour
15 g cracked flaxseeds
14 g table salt (2 tsp)
8 g instant yeast (2 tsp)

224 g sour cream (I used lite) (1 cup)
221 g water

(Note that I didn't use oil or sugar because sour cream has sufficient fat and some sweetness)


Beans, dry ingredients and wet ingredients

10:53 am: After kneading well for about 10 minutes

12:56 pm: Long first rise

12:57 pm: Deflated, rounded and ready for second rise

2:08 pm: After rising for the second time

2:25 pm: 1442 g of dough, split into two and shaped

3:08 pm: Proofed, slashed and ready for the oven

3:08 pm: Boule in the pre-heated cast iron pan

Good oven spring

Good rise in both loaves

Sliced well

Even light crumb... very desirable

Date: December 8, 2011
Recipe: RPH's Garbanzo Sour Cream Bread

Flours: Whole wheat, bread flour
Bread specific ingredients: Garbanzo beans, flaxmeal, sour cream
Sweetener: None
Liquid: Water

Comments: One of the loaves was the (late) December bread for my father-in-law. This bread was heavier in caloric content and protein due to the beans and sour cream. The crumb was wonderfully light. This bread will do well with sweet or savory accompaniments.


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