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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Polish Buttermilk Rye

I was looking for something that used buttermilk that wasn't from PR or LR books. I found a recipe called Polish Buttermilk Rye here and thought it was interesting, even though instructions were for machine mixing and it used bread flour.

As the detailed instructions are available on the original webpage, here is my attempt in pictures. I made only one loaf worth, ie. half the recipe. I didn't end up using all the bread flour, in hindsight I probably should have. Compared to the pretty pictures in the original recipe, my loaf looked quite different.


Wet ingredients ready to mix into the rye flour

1:12 pm: Ready for the rye 'paste' to rise

2:59 pm: After nearly two hours, the dough had flattened,
but hadn't risen a whole lot

3:22: Bread flour and caraway seeds mixed in and kneaded

3:52: Decently risen

3:54 pm: Shaped, but didn't manage a smooth surface

4:14 pm: Proofed and ready for the oven

5:04 pm: Not a lot of oven spring

Dull crust but sliced decently

Tight crumb at the bottom

The bread
The bread didn't slice very thin, but it tasted good. We had it with soup and soy slice - roasted red pepper sandwiches.

Date: Sept 3, 2011
Recipe: Polish Buttermilk Rye from this website.

Flours: Rye flour, bread flour
Bread specific ingredients: Caraway seeds
Sweetener used: Molasses and sugar
Liquid: Buttermilk

Comments: The recipe lists ¼ C water (for two loaves) in the ingredient list but doesn't mention it's use later. I skipped the egg wash which would explain the dull crust. Should have used all the bread flour which would have helped stiffen the dough and get a smooth surface during shaping.


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