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Monday, June 27, 2011

Soda Bread and Yankee Cornbread

Or Bake Sale #1

The summer charity drive at my workplace this year is collecting funds to help those affected by the Wallow Fire in Arizona. To help with this, I decided to bake a few times and have a bake sale. For the first sale, I made the Caraway Soda Bread I have baked earlier. I stuck to the recipe and the results were good.

I also baked the Yankee Cornbread from Laurel Robertson's 'The Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book'. The recipe can be found here. I stuck to the given recipe. While pouring it into the cast iron skillet, I realized that it was more than what would fit in the skillet, so I baked the remainder in a smaller bowl. Worked out well.

The soda bread was baked in the cast iron 3 quart deep pan and the cornbread in the cast iron skillet. Both were preheated in the oven. Because I wanted to bake them at the same time, I made up my own temperature adjustments: Preheated to 400ยบ F. Put the soda bread in. It took about 15 mins to put together the cornbread and then the two cooked together for another 25 minutes.

Caraway Soda Bread

Yankee Cornbread

Now I'm thinking of what to bake for the next bake sale.


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