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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Herb Cheese Bread

Or Whole Wheat Basil Bread II

This bread was identical to the previous bread. My friend, who enjoyed that bread with us, was excited to see the bread baking process, so she came over and we made a loaf for each of us. The ingredients were almost the same, except we didn't have enough fresh basil, so we substituted some dried basil. We used pepper jack cheese in my loaf and parmesan in hers.

I wasn't very good about taking pictures from the start and differentiating the two loaves, but here are some pictures:

5:18 pm: Ready for first rise

6:35 pm: Ready for second rise

7:03 pm: Second rise is done.

7:06 pm: My loaf in a loaf pan

7:10 pm: My friend's loaf would be a boule

7:30 pm: Very quick proofing

7:30 pm: In a preheated cast iron pan, ready for the oven

7:39 pm: This loaf went in a little late

8:30 pm: Wonderful oven spring for the loaf

Sliced really well

Even crumb without being very dense at the bottom

The bread
Both the loaves were liked by those that got to enjoy them. 

Date: Sept 16, 2011
Recipe: Adapted from Whole Wheat Basil Bread from Beth Hensperger's 'The Bread Bible' book.

Flours: Whole wheat, bread flour
Bread specific ingredients: Parmesan/Pepper Jack cheese, fresh basil, herbs (dried thyme, oregano)
Sweetener used: Honey
Liquid: Water, buttermilk

Comments:A good sandwich loaf after a long time. Credit to the bread flour?


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