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Monday, August 1, 2011

Applesauce Walnut Bread 02

This bread is one of my favorites, so much so that I had been waiting to make it so I could blog about it. Then my sister pointed out that she had read about this bread in one of my posts. I checked back and indeed, I had made this bread in April. Looking back at the notes and pictures, it seems that the most recent attempt was more successful than the earlier one.

I stuck to the recipe this time as well. Compared to the previous attempt, I didn't add the vital wheat gluten, which, as I noted in my previous post seems to give better rising breads (at least for LR's recipes). Here are the pictures:


6:08 pm: Ready for mixing

6:29 pm: Some rest after mixing and then kneaded for about 10 minutes

7:32 pm: Good first rise in just over an hour

7:34 pm: Ready for second rise

8:15 pm: Good second rise in under 45 minutes

8:29 pm: After rounding and resting, ready for proofing
in a slightly greased and lightly floured pan

8:56 pm: Wonderfully risen

9:55 pm: Nicely colored crust....

...and some obvious ovenspring. The floured pan worked, because the
loaf slid out very easily

Sliced thin without too many crumbs

Love the crumb with flecks of walnuts

Date: July23, 2011
Recipe: Applesauce Walnut Bread from Laurel Robertson's book, 'The Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book'

Flours: Whole wheat
Bread specific ingredients: Applesauce, walnuts
Sweetener used: None
Liquid: Buttermilk and water

Comments: Love this bread. I had some with almond butter topped with a sliced banana. New favorite breakfast.


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