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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Transitional Rye Sandwich Bread

This bread was the second month bread for my father-in-law's Christmas present. Like the other transitional bread I made that day, this one contained some bread flour, hence the use of 'transitional'.

Soaker and biga
The soaker for this bread contains rye flour and a little whole wheat flour (3:1 ratio). Buttermilk or yogurt are the suggested liquids. I used yogurt thinned down to buttermilk consistency. Unfortunately I forgot to measure the weights of yogurt and water. I added ½ tsp of vital wheat gluten to help with the rise. The biga contains bread flour, tiny amount of instant yeast and some water.

Final dough
Along with the soaker and biga, the final dough contains some more rye flour, salt, instant yeast, molasses, honey, vegetable oil and caraway seeds. I like the taste of caraway seeds in rye breads. Molasses is also often added in rye breads in PR's recipes because they go well together.

Soaker on the left, biga on the right along with other ingredients

Ingredients mixed and ready for kneading

The differently colored soaker and biga are not easy to blend

Shaped and ready for proofing

Decently proofed. This bread did not get slashed

Rye bread in the back. The oven spring is noticeable
along the sides in the absence of slashing on the top

I topped the loaf with just a quick swipe of a butter stick.
It sliced nicely

The crumb. The two different colors have a very nice visual effect.

Date: Feb 3, 2011
Recipe: Transitional Rye Sandwich Bread from Peter Reinhart's Whole Grain Breads

Flours: Whole wheat flour, rye flour, bread flour
Bread specific ingredients: caraway seeds
Sweetener used: Molasses and honey
Liquid: Thinned yogurt

First rise time: 105 minutes
Proofing time: 75 minutes
Comments: Added ½ tsp vital wheat gluten. Added just a bit of water during the kneading. Kneaded more than usual trying to get the soaker and biga pieces to blend. Not slashing helped in that the dough didn't collapse before putting it in the oven.


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