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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rye Sandwich Meteil

This was the third bread of the first weekend of 2011. Overkill, I know. But I like having a loaf shaped bread handy, it's the most versatile shape, for sandwiches or sopping up soups/stews. The Challah was braided and the Power Bread was given to Dad. So it made sense to make another bread for the week. Peter Reinhart's Rye Sandwich Meteil was chosen primarily because I had a mother starter that needed to be used (more about mother starter in a later blog, but think sourdough starter).

According to PR, meteil refers to rye breads with less than 50% rye flour. Seigle is the term for rye breads that have more than 50% rye flour.

Soaker and starter
The soaker for this bread contains all whole wheat flour (preferably fine grind), salt, liquid (milk, buttermilk, yogurt, soy milk or rice milk) and optional vital wheat gluten. VVG helps doughs with low gluten flours (like rye) rise better. It tends to give the bread a chewy rubbery taste, so PR suggests it as an optional ingredient. I usually use it less than the recommended quantity, about 1 tsp, instead of 1 tbsp. The starter contains mother starter (that is why it is called the starter and not biga), rye flour and water.

Final dough
The final dough contains the soaker, starter, some whole wheat flour, instant yeast, salt, molasses (which pairs very well with rye), sweetener (honey, agave nectar), fats (melted butter or vegetable oil), optional diced fresh onion and optional caraway/nigella/anise seeds. I almost always use vegetable oil, unless the recipe specific calls for butter (as in Stollen, brioche etc). As I write this up, I realize that I forgot the molasses this time. I skipped the onion, and used caraway seeds. I like caraway seeds in rye breads. This was the first time I used agave nectar as the sweetener, I am trying to include it more in my baking because it is a low glycemic index food. 

The rest in pictures

Shaped and ready for proofing

Proofed and ready for the oven

Out of the oven. It was higher on one side than the other, the result of poor shaping

The bread sliced well.

The crumb was good as well.

Date: Jan 2, 2011
Recipe: PR's Rye Sandwich Meteil

Flours: Whole wheat (some fine grind), whole rye flour
Bread specific ingredients: caraway seeds
Sweetener used: Agave nectar
Liquid for soaker: Milk

First rise time: 60 mins
Proofing time: Don't remember. I was baking the Power Bread at the same time and had to wait till it was done before this bread went in the oven.
Comments: Made changes to final dough. In order to slow the rise, I added only half the instant yeast (3 g). I now realize I forgot to add the molasses. But the bread had enough sweetness. Next time I will add the molasses (because it pairs well with rye flour) and skip the honey / agave nectar. Skipped the onion, added caraway seeds. Used vegetable oil. Dough rose well, didn't slash it before baking, had some oven spring. Crumb was even. Tasted good, mildly moist, toasted well.


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